Workout in the morning: seven simple exercises to reduce abdominal fat

1. Begin your day with a cardio workout that lasts for thirty minutes. Make it a habit to perform this type of activity at least five times per week for thirty minutes. 

2. Core strengthening activities: Incorporate core strengthening exercises into your training routine to tone and define your abdominal muscles.(Freepik)

3. Lower body workouts: To target the lower abs, perform activities such as alternate leg raises, bicycle in lying position, and flutter kicks. 

4. Abdominal muscle exercise: Activating the transversus abdominis during varied exercises creates a natural corset that stabilizes the lower back and core muscles. 

5. Yoga asana for belly fat: Dhanurasana (bow pose) is one of the most effective yoga poses for losing belly fat.

6. workouts to tone belly fat: Other workouts that assist tone the belly include burpees, mountain climbers, and Russian twists in the morning.

7. Cuff weights: You can progressively proceed by utilizing theraBands and cuff weights (weights wrapped around the wrists and ankles), since adding resistance will help you improve strength, endurance, and muscular tone.

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