With Venus's entry into Aries on April 5, three zodiac signs may end their relationships.

Three zodiac signs will encounter 'the inevitable,' like a long-overdue breakup. 

We've learned that being madly in love with someone doesn't guarantee a life of love and romance. This is the week many of us fall out of love and break up. 

It's not unilateral and you like your choice. You discussed this, and tears were shed, but old tears. You both now believe that starting over—again—is ideal, and that means starting over alone. 


Much Mercury energy guides you this week. Although a retrograde disrupts the flow, it works for you. 

You're so close to feeling good again, but a relationship that needs to end is holding you back. 


You'll feel more secure demanding what you need from life with Aries' amazing enthusiasm. While you respect and care about your partner, you know your relationship is more than 'on the outs.' Already over. 

April just started, yet you're already irritated with the person you're meant to love. Realizations hit hard this week. 


Scorpio, you must stop. You did your hardest, thus this is not a failure. It's a turning point, a time to part. 

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