Why Some Women Proudly Choose Childlessness

Portland, Oregon business owner Devin Propeck-Silva, 38, follows the same introductory script when meeting new people. When they learn I'm married, they ask how many kids I have. (None.) 

They ask when we'll have kids. (We’re not)”When the conversation changes, Propeck-Silva reassures the person that she and her husband Matt love kids 

(they're proud aunts and uncles) despite not wanting children. “I feel I have to explain my decision and clarify that I’m not a monster,” she says.

Confused and critical answers are common among childless people. Marcia Drut-Davis, a 34-year-old substitute teacher, was featured on 60 Minutes in 1974 when producers followed

her and then-husband Warren as they told his parents they didn't want children. Drut-Davis alleges her school district blacklisted her and sent her death threats a day after the episode aired because she boldly refused to be a mother.

The response left Drut-Davis, 84, “terrified.” “I kept quiet for years. I said nothing.” She says her husband didn't suffer the same adverse effects, maybe predictably. “His job

and friendships were unaffected. Mine were. At the ocean floor, I was a snail.” After 50 years of women in the workforce, third-wave feminism, and the #MeToo movement,

 the conversation about being child-free has become less awkward for females with a uterus.

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