When it comes to relationships, honesty is key on April 3, 2024, for three zodiac signs.

While there are no Jupiter transits promoting trust, justice, and hope, a composite transit on this day will instill a strong demand for honesty, especially from those we know, love, and trust.  

Today, April 3, 2024, we're not patient enough for passive-aggressive behavior or'maybe.' We want the complete truth and nothing but it. 

Lies damage relationships, as you've seen. If love or romance is where you've experienced this most, Gemini, avoiding honesty produces an unhealthy situation. The Aquarius Moon square Mercury signals a change in direction toward honesty and complete disclosure. 


Although you've liked constructing a picture of yourself as 'better' than you are, you've found that no matter how attractive, you can't live up to it. Being yourself organically is all you desire in love. April 3, 2024, proves you never had anything to worry about and that you made it so. 

Jupiter or not, you're there for any chance to be honest, if not blunt. You hate lies, liars, and lying. On April 3, when the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury, you'll reject the trifecta and show everyone you know that you're honest and want to be told the truth when necessary. 


Aquarius gives you the confidence to know that you're unique and don't need to lie to fit in with a homogenized world. Even when you're the oddball, you're happy and glad to be you. You recognize your uniqueness. Don't dim that shine for anyone. 

You don't comprehend why people lie. What is that worth, and why would anyone want to cage oneself in a packaging where they must constantly be conscious and accountable for their lies? You have to recall your lie to defend it if necessary, which is no life in your book. 


When the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury on April 3, you'll be 'that person' again. You'll demonstrate to others that you're free and delighted to be so. Always telling the truth frees you. Why not? As the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury, you believe in honesty and can't live otherwise. 

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