Three zodiac signs may do better on April 3, 2024, if they prioritized money above love.

It's hardly unexpected that many people prioritize employment over marriage and children at this stage in their life. 

Many people want financial success and the esteem that comes with having a profession so successful that success is inevitable. Love is always a possibility, although it's less popular now. 

During Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto, you're focused on money. You don't consider money 'evil.' You adore the material and achievement. And why not?  


Though you consider yourself a 'lover, not a fighter,' you adore success enough to consider it your major romance for now. 

Since you know what love is, you've decided to put it on hold and focus on your life's needs. 


Since you've dedicated so much to love and romance, it took you a long time to realize you need to focus on other things. On April 3, Pluto's transformational vibrations will motivate you to act—'it's now or never.' Cancer must act. 

All around you is love. With such knowledge, you may focus on your career, which requires brainpower. You're free-spirited and appreciate your love, but romance might distract you. 


That clearly hinders any success you might pursue. Wednesday's Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto shows distinct lines. Choose one or the other. 

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