This summer's 'it' nail trends to get your hands on  

Get ready for a summer filled with shiny, maximalist nail art trends, from metallic finishes to cute bows. 

Chrome nails, iridescent options, and playful French manicures are all the rage for the upcoming season. 

Experiment with free-handed designs like lines and dots for a fun, abstract twist on nail art. 

Elevate your manicure with 3D elements like jewels, pearls, and crystals for added texture and glam. 

Incorporate bows into your nail designs for a cute and trendy summer look. 

Bright and warm-toned reds are making a statement this season, adding a fiery touch to your nails. 

Mix and match nail colors for a vibrant and eye-catching manicure. 

Consider adding subtle touches of shine or color to your nails for a more understated yet stylish look. 

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