These are the most popular cat breeds worldwide.  

Whether you're willing to sit uncomfortably for hours while your favorite kitty purrs away on your lap or prefer to spend time touching your lovable canine, cats always manage to elicit strong emotions in humans.  

American Bobtail.

Their attractive orange fur is sure to attract attention, but the finest aspect of the American Bobtail is that it is ideal for families with children.


Once you see this kitty, you are unlikely to forget about it.   


If the Bengal is a little jaguar, then the Bombay is a wonderfully formed miniature panther.  


This lovely cat has a silver-white coat that can be long or short, and it has distinguishing dark markings around the eyes, giving the impression that it is constantly wearing makeup.  

Turkish Van

This ancient and unusual breed is approximately 5,000 years old and is highly valued in Turkey due to its cashmere-like fur, which is typically white.  

Turkish angora

This lively cat, considered a national treasure in its home country of Turkey, is the uncontested monarch of the household and demands everyone to obey him.   


This adorable cat with a blue coat embodies the kitty who loves to cuddle all the time.  

Russian Blue

It is difficult to mistake this attractive, sophisticated cat for another breed.   

Scotch Fold

When Scottish Fold enters the room, it's like cute overload.   

Norwegian Forest Cat

This huge cat, from Norwegian fairytales, has wonderful fluffy fur and almond-shaped eyes.  

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