The Luckiest Days Of The Lunar Year For Each Chinese Zodiac Sign

Rat, in the first two weeks of the Lunar Year of the Dragon, undertake a manifestation ritual to send out your wishes and hopes.   

Ox, your Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 luck is great. Anything you want is possible this year. Don't doubt yourself.  

Your luck is good to start the Lunar Year of the Dragon, Tiger. Most of you will see your past years' work pay off today.  

Rabbit, since 2024 is the Dragon's year and the Year of the Rabbit ends in early February, your luck may decline.  

Dragon, your Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 fortunes will be great! This luck will bring you unexpected happiness, friends, and love throughout the year, not a windfall.   

Snake, luck will come in 2024's Lunar Year of the Dragon. To get blessings from the cosmos, you must meet certain prerequisites.  

Time for myself. It's a simple two-word phrase, but as the Moon enters Aries, you might sense the desire to disconnect from the outside world and draw power and confidence from within.  

Horse, your luck in the Lunar Year of the Dragon 2024 depends on your choices and path.  

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