The Fantasy Relationship You Keep Dreaming Of, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In your ideal partnership, you will meet someone who shares your passion and independence. 

You both lead independent lives before getting together to discuss your shared passions. 

Neither of you is codependent. You get along well and don't hesitate to express your true emotions to one another.

Your ideal partnership is cozy and comfy. Never questioning their feelings or if they love you, 

 your ideal mate gives you a sense of security. Together, you would enjoy your free time while huddled by the fire with a variety of your best snacks. 

And you'd settle arguments amicably and silently when they arose.

You have to be alert in your fantasy partnership at all times. Your ideal companion would always be interesting to talk with and up for anything. 

They would never be boring. And even if you had been dating for a long time, you would still feel butterflies from their outrageous flirting.

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