The associations of three zodiac signs undergo a remarkable improvement on April 3, when the Moon is in Aquarius.

We know April started well and that this day is special. We may be intrigued about our partners on Wednesday if we are one of these three zodiac signs.  

We want to know them better, discover what makes them tick, and discover that they are even more interesting than we thought. 

This day makes you question if you've talked enough. It may be your partner talking and you listening intently. It wasn't stated by your companion. 


You may feel that the only voice you hear is your own, and if this is a romantic'relationship' rather than a mirror monologue, it may be time to share the mic. 

Since you know what love is, you've decided to put it on hold and focus on your life's needs. 


The only one who understands how 'right' your relationship is is you, so don't 'accept advice' on how to fix what's working. 

In the huge cosmic expanse, all you know is that something is going your way, and you like it. All is fine in love, and you feel invincible professionally.  


Your doubts are gone. You enjoy how many things are going your way at once. Aquarius Moon brings out your finest, so much of this is due to it. 

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