Now, Spider-Man 4 can bring the iconic villain that every Marvel fan desires.

The recent MCU miniseries finale has raised the possibility of a long-rumored antagonist for Spider-Man 4 by positioning him as an even more formidable foe. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home's conclusion presents a number of plot points for Spider-Man 4, making it the ideal chance to return to Spider-Man as a low-key street hero. 

Kingpin is a strong contender to be the next major Spider-Man villain because of his appearances in the TV shows Hawkeye and Echo 

Kingpin would be a great adversary for Spider-Man given the current MCU, as he is a vigilante target and a mayoral candidate in New York City. 

While the status of Spider-Man 4 remains unclear, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now set up the perfect villain for it thanks to the finale of a recent miniseries. 

The MCU continues expanding on both film and TV, and now that the Disney+ TV shows are connected to the film side of the MCU 

these have been used to set up major characters and storylines for this universe’s biggest heroes on the big screen.  

Among the most intriguing future projects in the MCU is Spider-Man 4, more so after the multiversal chaos seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home was a massive shake-up for Peter Parker 

This makes way for a variety of storylines for Spider-Man 4, and is the best chance for Marvel to bring Spider-Man back to his roots and make him a street-level hero. 

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