No Matter What Happens on April 3, 2024, Two Zodiac Signs Get What They Want

On April 3, Aquarius Moon square Mercury will make us think that while we dream big, we can't execute them on time, yet things work out. 

Timing is everything today, but it's still possible. We shall learn that large dreams—even 'close to' impossible ones—are OK. The catch is that we must wait for them even if nothing happens on a given day. 

Three zodiac signs must test their patience, endurance, and willpower today. The Aquarius Moon square Mercury makes us optimistic and self-critical. 

Because of our positive outlook, we believe we deserve our dreams. When Mercury's square energy shows us who's boss, we fear a painful realization that our desires may not come true. We may even give up too soon, thinking it's not 'our turn.' 

You know you can't control everything. That includes people, events, and possibly your reactions. Don't stop trying. Organization is your thing. However, on days like this, you may only be able to spell your name correctly. 


This suggests someone in your life will act unexpectedly, which profoundly concerns you. It bothers you most that you thought you understood that individual. They defy you, which angers you but confirms that 'this is the way it is.'  

Sometimes you get so 'high' on the concept of bringing things together so everyone can have fun that you can be too hard on yourself. You experience that on April 3, 2024, when the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury. 


You think that if you put so much effort into planning a party or event that will offer so many people delight, they should go. They may not be interested, which could derail your momentum and joy. 

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