Marvel Snap's January Season is Already More Than What the MCU Did for Hulk

Marvel Comics contains numerous narratives that continue to captivate fans years after they were first published. 

Whether it's massive events like the Civil War or smaller storylines with only a few heroes, the studio has thrived on narrative arcs that are daring and intriguing.  

One such narrative is world Hulk, in which the titular jade giant is transported to a strange world and transformed as a gladiator.  

This comic has been adapted in a variety of ways over the years, most notably through animation 

and the popular card game Marvel Snap has joined the ranks of those bringing Planet Hulk back into the spotlight so many years after its initial publication. 

Marvel Snap's January season is all about Planet Hulk, with new cards, variants, and profile customizations based on the iconic comic.  

This is not only an excellent rendition of the plot, but it also provides vindication after years of being alienated by Marvel's films.  

Hulk's relegation to just one of several heroes in select flicks is a painful point because he rarely gets a chance to shine on his own 

While Marvel Snap's Planet Hulk season isn't a perfect solution 

it demonstrates considerably more appreciation for the source material than the MCU ever did 

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