How Each Zodiac Sign Can Achieve Success From Now to April 7  

Encourage Soul Attractors and Money Magnets in your weekly manifestation reading with journal prompts. Write about what bothers you, what you dread, and what you won't say,  

stated Natalie Goldberg. Allow yourself to be split.”Honest is the finest thing for your journal—not clever, educated, flowery, or the best writer. Honestly, that's how journals work best.  

Your notebook reveals who you are, what you want, and who you want to be. Scripting adds action to journaling, allowing your imagination to literally rewire your mind for achievement.  

It's handy when rereading journal entries because of that. This week's programming prompt is about money  

As your birthday approaches, it's appropriate to assess your life. Setting up flexible routines and habits with a low entrance barrier will always make life easier.  

Taurus Manifest

Retrograde may cause miscommunication, and because good communication is one of your natural abilities, it would benefit to consider before you speak and resolve   

Gemini Manifest

Cancer, your work ethic and professionalism are crucial to your mental stability this week. You may be pressured or told to speed up, but work at your own pace and stay calm.  

Cancer Manifest

Leo, Mercury retrograde will evaluate your professional work habits, even if it's not ideal. Relax, use what you have, and be resourceful.  

Leo Manifest

Slowing down is better for love, even if you want to speed up. You could be honest with your lover or share your soul with a friend. Move comfortably but never stop.  

Virgo Manifest

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