Forecasts for Every Zodiac Sign in April 2024 from a Tarot Card Reader  

Welcome to April 2024 and the Monthly Past-Present-Future Tarot Card reading for each zodiac sign. We survived! Spring is a terrific time to consider what makes life good. 

As the prelude to summer, this month makes us optimistic. By now, we all feel like we're in the groove and that whatever we're doing 'this year' has pretty much defined what it is and if we're content with our decisions. 

This card proves you missed the point and are paying for it. Nothing wrong with this. It warns Aries that significant decisions shouldn't be made on impulse. You hurried into something, and you may spend most of April undoing it. 


Your prior mistake? You spend a lot of April on it. You'll discuss work concerns that, if ignored, will never go away. 

This is where you recall how much money you 'formerly' had and wonder if you can stir up the cosmos again to achieve that level of wealth. 


Past examples show you can construct from nothing. Your past. You should probably employ those 'tricks' now. 

This view of the past is positive, and you may mention the 'good old days' several times in April 2024.  


To keep succeeding, you must assess what you did 'correctly'. Gemini, you have it. Stamina and clarity are key now. 

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