Best Diarrhea Foods (and Avoidances)

If you get diarrhea due to eating or drinking something you don't enjoy, the stomach flu, stress, or irritable bowel syndrome,

it might ruin your day.Your digestive system depends on your diet, even though you may not think about it when this bad condition happens. Eat the correct diarrhea foods and avoid the bad ones when your appetite returns.

Soluble fiber in bananas, apples, oats, and barley can treat diarrhea: It forms a gel and bulks up stool, says Christie Gagnon, RD, founder of Hoorah to Health.

Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast—the BRAT diet—is another common diarrhea remedy. They are bland and easy to digest.

Fast-digesting carbs in bananas are gut-friendly. They also contain potassium, an electrolyte lost in diarrhea, Warren notes. She also says that bananas contain pectin, which helps the intestines absorb liquid and transport excrement efficiently.

1. Banana

Warren says rice binds, making excrement firmer before it leaves.

2. White Rice

The Mayo Clinic recommends eating basic, well-cooked eggs without butter or oil as your bowel motions return to normal.

3. Egg

This contains no fiber, making it simpler to digest when you have diarrhea, according to Warren.

4. White Bread

Diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration, according to the Mayo Clinic, so it's critical to replenish fluids whenever possible. Sipping broth will help you accomplish 

5. Broth

When you're dealing with diarrhea, butter and milk aren't the best options. However, you may achieve the general texture of mashed potatoes by boiling a potato 

6. Boiled Potatoe

When you have diarrhea, low-fiber meals come in handy, which is why the Mayo Clinic advises these crackers.

7. Soda Cracker

Unless your diarrhea is caused by lactose intolerance, yogurt may assist to relieve symptoms. While high-fat, high-sugar dairy items such as milk, butter, ice cream, and cheese can aggravate diarrhea, 

8. Yogurt

According to Gagnon, barley contains a lot of soluble fiber, which can help bulk up your stool and relieve diarrhea.

9. Barley

Canned peaches are soft, low in fiber, and easy to digest, making them an excellent choice for those suffering from diarrhea, according to Gagnon. It is preferable to choose items packed in water or 100 percent

10. Canned Peache

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