After a Year of Simply Saying "Yes"—and Everything That Followed

Many years ago, I slumped. My creativity froze, and while my job was going well, I hadn't realized my full potential. 

I have to modify my mindset and life style. 

Since my background is in improvisation, which is built on saying “Yes” to life, I decided to say “Yes” to as many things as possible for a year and see what happened. 

What happened started one of my most fulfilling years. 

I started saying “Yes” and journaled daily to track my development and write about my mood. 

I graded myself daily from A (very successful) to F (very unsuccessful) 

I didn't know how much society had conditioned me to be negative and miss possibilities. 

I steadily changed my tendency by considering saying “Yes” to items I usually said “No” to. I soon broke out of my norm and tried new things. 

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