7 Balletcore Nail Ideas That Are So On Point

Ballet's tight buns, exquisite shoes, and tulle skirts have long inspired fashion, contributing to the beauty and grace associated with the art form. And that inspiration reaches all the way to the fingertips.

Make Your Point.

These pointe-inspired tips are an accurate depiction of the style.

Ballerina Barbie

This matte-metallic manicure with sparkling cuticle embellishments is very stunning. 

Peachy Keen

This delicate pink manicure is stunning with its faint sparkle and peachy overtones.

Think Pink.

A traditional pink instantly conjures up ideas of tutus and pliés. Choose the shade of baby pink that works best for you and enjoy.

Shine On

Shine On Pink polish layers add a charming touch to this French manicure.

Tippy toes

The tips of this set immediately remind us of pointe shoes, therefore they piqued our interest. 

Sugar-Plum Fairy

The scattering of fine fairy dust on these nails recalls "The Nutcracker" and the legendary Sugar Plum Fairy, while the glossy sheen is reminiscent of ballet tights. 

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