6 Zodiac Signs That Secretly Hate Everyone

A misanthrope is someone who openly despises humanity.  

They are your grumpy neighbor who complains when you play music after 10 p.m., the people who move away from you and your child on the plane before takeoff, assuming your child will be a problem 

Scorpios do not anticipate everyone to disappoint or let them down, but they are suspicious and wait for it to happen. 

Capricorns secretly despise individuals who criticize them or challenge their knowledge.  

Virgos secretly despise thoughtless people who do not act the way Virgo expects them to.  

Aquarius is very good at embracing people for who they are, and they prefer others to be honest with them.  

Taurus secretly despises those who are overly confident and full of themselves.  

Cancers secretly despise everyone when they feel unheard. 

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