10 eye-catching nail art ideas for Pride Month 2024

Our favorite nail trend is “Aura nails,” often known as airbrushed nails. Add striking chrome details to elevate the style.

Eye-catching ombré

Fans of more understated manicure styles will find this rainbow-tip design to be straightforward, stylish, and simple to execute.

Minimalism is key

If you prefer something showier, these fierce, blinged-out talons are sure to make you stand out.

Crystal claw

Channel your inner artist with this palette-inspired nail art design—a whimsical mix and match of elements.

A little bit of everything

Keep it cute by decorating your nails with doodles—play around with different colours, shapes, and sizes.

Colourful doodle

Add a dash of glitter to make this wavy rainbow manicure pop.

Rainbow road

Dip your toes—or your nails–into an avant-garde look sculpted with multicoloured gel nail polish. 

3D gel

Switch up your plain French tip manicure with small sprigs of dried flowers, encapsulated under a top coat.

Dainty dried flower

Full chrome is the way to go if you’re looking for a colourful, shimmery nail art design that works great for a day out or night at the club.

Iridescent chrome

The dewdrop nail trend adds texture to your manicure, and complements a variety of base colours.

Jelly drop

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